Alumni Services Staff

Alumni Services & Engagement encompasses the wide services that Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity offers to alumni throughout our worldwide network.  The purpose of the Alumni Services & Engagement is to provide a comprehensive series of resources, efforts, and programming for the alumni of Delta Lambda Phi.

Br. Julian Casillas
Chief Alumni Services Officer
Br. Lou Camera 
Alumni Consultant  
Br. Jordan Cardoza
Director of Alumni Outreach
Br. Randy Jose
Alumni Outreach Coordinator 
Br. Alejandro Torroella 
DLPAA Stewardship Coordinator  
Br. Zach Ozbun
Director of Alumni Engagement 
Br. Armando Sanchez
Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Br. Fabian Colon
Local Alumni Association Coordinator
Br. Sean Lloyd
Local Alumni Association Coordinator