Local Alumni Associations

Local Alumni Associations, or LAAs, have become important parts of Brotherhood. They allow alumni to remain active after leaving their Chapter, whether for the purpose of continued service to the community, to the Fraternity, or for the simple pleasure of continued social interactions with fellow Brothers. LAAs are playing an increasingly important role in Delta Lambda Phi.

Benefits of Establishing a Local Alumni Association

  • Maintain contact with area Lambda Men through events
  • Provide social and professional outlets for all members of Delta Lambda Phi
  • Keep in touch with our Fraternity and abreast of all its activities
  • Sponsor functions for Lambda Men at the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Plan happy hours, family days, community service projects, alumni recognition dinners, luncheons/dinners with keynote speakers, etc.
  • Assist the local undergraduate chapter in the areas of advising needs, career planning, membership recruitment, community service/philanthropy, alumni programming, scholarship, etc.
  • Welcome new Lambda Men to your city, and introduce them to their new environment
  • Participate in alumni activities, educational and social, sponsored by the Fraternity, area chapters, and other clubs

Steps to Start a Local Alumni Association of Delta Lambda Phi

Forming an alumni association is an easy process!  All you need is to organize your members, approve bylaws, have a physical address (i.e. P.O. Box), obtain a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), and open a bank account.  There is also an application form (which will guide you through this process) and a $75 application fee.  Here’s all you need to get started:

Once your organization is up and running, you’ll find lots of useful information in the Phi Manual, a collaborative effort between the DLPAA and the Education Committee.

Local Alumni Associations of Delta Lambda Phi

  • Arizona

    Omega Chapter Alumni Association

    Tuscon, AZ

    Alpha Alpha Alumni Association

    Tempe, AZ

  • California

    Iota Alumni Association

    Sacramento, CA

    Greater San Diego Alumni Association

    San Diego, CA

  • District of Columbia

    Alpha Centauri Alumni Association

    Washington, DC

  • Florida

    Central Florida Alumni Association

    Orlando, FL

  • South Florida Alumni Association

    Miami, FL

  • Illinois

    Chicagoland Alumni Association

    Chicago, IL

  • Massachusetts

    LAA of the Massachusetts Bay

    Boston, MA

  • Michigan

    Mid-Michigan Alumni Association

    Lansing, MI

  • Minnesota

    Twin Cities Alumni Association

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Missouri

    Heartland Alumni Association

    Kansas City, MO

  • St. Louis Alumni Association

    St. Louis, MO

  • New Jersey

    Beta Sigma Alumni Association

    New Brunswick, NJ

  • New York

    Beta Xi Alumni Association

    New York, NY

  • North Carolina

    Raleigh Area Alumni Association

    Raleigh, NC

  • Ohio

    Alpha Psi Alumni Association

    Kent, OH

  • Pennsylvania

    Alpha Rho Alumni Association

    State College, PA

  • Washington

    Seattle Alumni Association

    Seattle, WA