The process of joining Delta Lambda Phi is easy.


During Rush, we welcome all men of the SIUE campus to join us for our Rush events.  Rush consists of fun events where you get to know us, and we get to know you.  Flyers and announcements are usually posted across campus prior to the start of Rush.  More information can be found in the Kimmel Leadership Center.

If you wish to be notified or have questions about our Rush events, see below.


At the end of Rush, we issue bids (formal invitations for membership) to those who we believe would benefit from our Fraternity.  More information will be given during Rush events.

Pledge Education

The Pledge Education Program is a 6 – 9 week program which all potential members of Delta Lambda Phi National must successfully complete. The Pledge Education Program has several main purposes. One major purpose is to educate the Pledges on the traditions of not only the Beta Zeta Chapter, but also The Fraternal Organization as a whole. Another important purpose of the Pledge Program is to form a Fraternal Bond. This Bond is not only formed between the Brothers and the Pledges but also between the members of the Pledge Class themselves.

Policy on Hazing

Hazing or informal initiations in connection with any Delta Lambda Phi functions are prohibited. Mistreatment of pledges, members or other persons at any time is considered a violation of the principles of Delta Lambda Phi and policy 3C1.III.K of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Policies & Procedures.

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