Moving Our Fraternity Forward | Mid-Year Update

March 6, 2017


Br. Phil Hernandez, Trustee & Chairman of the Delta Lambda Phi Board of Directors, released the following to the Brotherhood on Monday, March 6th, 2017:


As we realize the midpoint since Austin Convention, I am happy to share with you an update on the progress made and continue to pursue:

::Please watch a video message::

We adopted two documents that serve as our road map to the future: 

To chart our progress, I invite you to review our aspirations and goals:

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the documents and consider how you might want to become involved yourself to help us realize these objectives.

As Trustee, I continue to work with the Board of Directors to focus on four specific priorities to assist in achieving our goals this year:

  • Engage our Brotherhood: We will continue to make it a priority to reach out and listen to the ideas and suggestions of actives and alumni alike to ensure we are meeting the priorities of the Brotherhood.
  • Enhance the Active Experience: We are taking steps to review, and evaluate carefully the policies that focus our important education

    training programs the Fraternity offers to ensure they are meaningful and impactful.

  • Increase the Number of Alumni Volunteers: Only a fraction of our alumni are engaged as volunteers.
    Our committee pool from last fall is only the first step towards a larger goal. Let this message serve as a 

    launch of a comprehensive campaign to recruit the next generation of alumni volunteers and leaders. Increased alumni involvement will provide critical support to our chapters and increase giving to our Delphi Foundation.

  • Road-map for Success: My first priority as Trustee has been to launch, and achieve, the development of a new vision and strategic priorities for the Fraternity. Both documents help us chart a clear course and common vision for our future.

Our next 30 years will be just as successful as our last if we are committed to embracing the lessons learned from the challenges we face. I believe we possess the talent necessary to help us realize the next chapter in the success of our Brotherhood. 

I ask that you join us! Complete an interest form below:
I look forward to seeing you at Convention 2017!