Academic Scholarship Program

Expanding further in 2017: more awards — one $1,500 scholarship, one $750 scholarship, and three $250 scholarships!

The Delphi Foundation has sponsored an academic scholarship program since 2008, awarding scholarships annually based on academic excellence, leadership, service, or campus involvement.  Scholarship recipients may use the award towards any part of the expenses for their education, defraying some of the costs of higher education.

The scholarship program was announced by the Delphi Foundation board of directors at the 2007 Convention.  Donors were solicited to support the scholarship program sufficiently so that the program could start awarding grants quickly, and sufficient funds were raised in time to start the awards by the summer of 2008.  In less than a year the project went from an idea and a dream to a reality based on the support and vision of the Delphi Foundation donor base.

Applicants must be an active member of a chapter or colony of Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity, or an alumnus thereof (including neophytes of active colonies), in good-standing. Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a post-secondary educational program at an accredited college or university (undergraduate or graduate level), accredited trade, or technical school.  Brothers in any accredited post-graduate course of study are encouraged to apply, including, but not limited to, law school, medical school, graduate school, or seminary. Recipients of past year(s) scholarships remain eligible to apply.

Amounts and number of scholarships are announced at the beginning of the year when opening the field for new applications.  Starting in 2017, we have introduced two application paths for our different awards:

  • Academic Scholarship Awards
    • Eligible for all levels of scholarships ($1,500, $750, $250)
    • Requires complete Scholarship Application (see below)
    • Does NOT require separate essay contest submission
  • Essay Contest Awards
    • Eligible for $250 scholarships
    • Academic Scholarship award recipients are ineligible for an Essay Contest award
    • Only requirement is a short essay – no academic transcript or letters of reference needed
    • Does NOT require complete Scholarship Application
    • Submit your Essay Contest entry here!

The application deadline is the last day of April each year.  Late applications will not be accepted, but accommodations may be possible for requests submitted in advance of the deadline with sufficient justification.

Applications and documentation are available from the documents page, or may be downloaded here:

Previous scholarship winners: