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The Delta Force Leadership Academy Eta Class:  January 13 – 16, 2017 at Camp Ohio!

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This year, the Delta Force Leadership Academy Weekend enters its seventh year.  The idea for a leadership weekend grew out of a desire to provide an intentional experience where Lambda Men could discover their individual potential and become agents of positive change in the Fraternity and their chapters.  Delta Lambda Phi has been creating leaders since our founding relying on the leadership experiences we all have within our chapters to plan rush, be a pledge educator or serve as an officer.  All of these are great experiences and one of the keystones of the Fraternity experience – what better way to learn leadership than to be a leader!

As we continue to grow, our Brotherhood faces  the challenge of providing mentoring and support to our chapter and colony leaders as they pressed on to bring DLP into their communities.  When we look at the resources we have within DLP we know that some things such as time and money are finite.  We can’t add more hours to the day and we have always endeavored to keep the Fraternity affordable.  The one resource we have plenty of in DLP is the passion of our brothers!  And if we could help brothers focus their passions on things that were important to them we could be a more effective Fraternity – A Stronger Fraternity – and in the words of our Founder –  the Better Fraternity!

“Why is it called Delta Force?”

In the early days of the Fraternity, our Conventions were themed much as they are now, with one significant difference – they were all called “Delta Force” followed by a number.  Delta Force, Delta Force II, Delta Force III –you get the idea.  I don’t recall when or why we dropped the moniker.  It’s just one of those things that we collectively decided had outlived its relevance.

When looking for something to call the new leadership program, I looked back to our history.  I’ve never been told how the Delta Force name was chosen initially – but I do know that Delta Lambda Phi was making its presence known across the country and we were certainly a force wherever we showed up.

If you’re a STEM type person, you probably know that D has two meanings in math which are “difference” and “change” – which lends itself nicely as a symbolic name for our Leadership Program.  Delta Force = Be a force for change and make a difference.  The idea that the change and difference is a positive one is inherent in the values and guiding principle that are woven into the fabric of Delta Lambda Phi.

The Leadership Weekend is only the first piece of the Delta Force Leadership Academy.  The Social Change Model for Leadership was set as the foundation for the program and the plan was to teach how to be agents for positive change.  The call went out and alumni stepped up to make sure there was funding for this program.  And thanks to their generous support and the commitment of the Fraternity Leadership – the Delta Force Leadership Academy weekend has had nearly 100 brothers graduate.

If you were paying close attention in the last paragraph, you will notice that the leadership weekend is referred to as “only the first piece” of the Delta Force Program.  Our Fraternity is full of great leaders and many of the graduates of the Leadership Weekend now serve in the Fraternity Office or on the Board of Directors or as Chapter Officers.  Let me be clear – we have lots of great leaders, many who have had an opportunity to participate in “Delta Force” and many who have honed their skills through the Fraternal experience.  What is important to note is that the Social Change Model and the Delta Force Leadership Academy is having a positive and lasting impact on our Brotherhood.

The hope and expectation has always been that those who come to the weekend will take what they learn back home with them and share with their chapters and communities.  And when you look at what the graduates of the weekend have been doing these past five years you can see the impact of “the Delta Force” within the Fraternity.

Did you know?

The Social Change Model is officially part of our Brotherhood Development plan?  The Board of Directors established guidance for the Executive Director as we continue to strengthen our Brotherhood Development program.  Check-out the Fraternity Policies Section 5.4.3 for details.

For more information about the Social Change Model visit the Higher Education Research Institute’s website.  The link to the Social Change model is http://www.heri.ucla.edu/PDFs/pubs/ASocialChangeModelofLeadershipDevelopment.pdf

So it’s time to “level up” and bring more to the table.  So here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the next year or two:

Delta Force Young Professionals Weekend:  In an effort to equip our brothers for success in their careers and lives after graduation, Delta Force will launch a Young Professionals weekend next year.  This program will be a collaboration between the Delphi Foundation and the Alumni Association and targeted for our new alumni.  A key difference to this program is that the young professionals weekend will be an open enrollment – meaning the weekend is open to all brothers who want to attend.  The curriculum will build on the social change model and help participants discover and build on their strengths.

Delta Force Lightning Weekends:  The first “Lightening Weekend” is happening August 20th!  The Delta Force planning team is working with the Fraternity Office to bring empowerment and team building weekends directly to our chapters. The vision is an intentional, structured experience for chapters facilitated by trained brothers to help chapters unleash “the Delta Force” and create stronger chapters and greater impact in their communities.

Delta Force Leadership Academy Weekend 2017:  Applications are open and remain open through September 30.  This weekend is a unique opportunity to discover and ignite your own potential.  Many of you have heard from your brothers about this weekend and I hope that you consider applying.  As we enter the sixth year – the weekend is going to go through some changes to “level up” and bring new skills back to the brotherhood.  Each class has helped bring the social change model into being within DLP and the commitment is to continue to create skilled brothers who create change in their communities.

I would like to thank brothers Lou Camera, Jon Borland, Chris Warner, Glen Haslerud, Joel Durham, and Bishop Howard who have helped to develop and grow the program.  As well as all of the graduates who have put the knowledge and experience to work to better their lives and communities.

On Behalf of the Delta Force Leadership Academy Team and the Delphi Foundation, I want to thank everyone for their support of these programs and ask for your support as we continue to develop a program that supports all of our Brothers with opportunities to create The Better Fraternity and in the process become The Better Man.

In the bond of Brotherhood,

Ernie Hall, Life Member
Alumnus, Mu Chapter