How you can help us

October 31, 2016

There are three ways you can help fund our chartering petition.

1) Commit to eat! Follow this link to commit to eat at NaanStop in the Fairlie Poplar district (by Aderhold) on November 10. 20% of the proceeds earned between 2 and 9 PM that day go directly to our chartering petition.

2) Go Shopping! We are throwing a virtual Tupperware party! Do you or anyone you know want some high quality food storage? They make great gifts, and college students don’t realize they need it until they do. This fundraiser has the items from the regular Tupperware store but also a few specialty items! 40% of the proceeds from this party go to our chartering petition.

3) GoFundMe! Through this link, you can see a video and get to know a little about our history, both as a colony and the global fraternity.

We appreciate your support!!