Words From Our Founder

Vernon L. Strickland III
Vernon L. Strickland III

If you had one chance to tell someone the most important thing in the world, what would you say? And how would you make it memorable? My answer to these questions is Delta Lambda Phi.

Life has a way of assigning you to a particular place with a stated role and a pre-determined worth. From an early age, your appearance, your posture, your ability to reason are evaluated, ranked and scored. You can accept the position dictated by others or choose to move beyond it. The greatest limitations in life are not the ones you are born with; it’s the self-imposed limits you acquire over time without question or challenge.

Arbitrary boundaries are accepted because they are convenient, comfortable and difficult to breach. It is like reading from a script. Traveling a customary path may bring you to an expected and predictable destination, but that place is likely to be a crowded tourist trap. No one lies on his death bed wishing that he had done less with his life.

Everyone is shaped by experience. You learn who you are from the people who surround you. Some experiences are pleasant; others are not. Many life-defining moments are spontaneous and unscripted. Delta Lambda Phi is the life-changing moment you can choose.

If you desire to live without limits, to move boundaries, to forgo the predictable, and to surround yourself with diverse individuals who affirm your value, then you are in the right place. Delta Lambda Phi is that place, that all-important message—the thing I wanted to tell you and have you never forget.

Live Without Limits…Stand Up and Make Your Presence Known.

Excerpted Address of Founding Brother Vernon L Strickland III
First Delta Lambda Phi National Convention
July 21, 1990