In Our Own Words

The notion of brotherhood is essential to the Greek system. It is what makes Delta Lambda Phi unique among LGBT organizations. Brotherhood is a deeply personal experience, and it can be difficult to communicate secondhand. We hope that the statements below, collected from various members of the Fraternity, can give some insight into what brotherhood means to us.

Alfonso Frias III

Alfonso Frias III

Beta Tau Chapter

“I love my brothers. Every single one of them are unique and I share a story with each one. We all face our trails and are strengthened by each other. Having a group that social accepts you and wants you to succeed is what has kept me within the Fraternity.”

Ryan Mattson

Psi Chapter

“A Lambda Man has a strong sense of character while keeping a light-hearted attitude.  He works hard and enjoys himself.  Overall, each brother is unique, but what binds us all together is our love for this fraternity and the friendship and unity it can bring.”

Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

Omega Chapter

“I continue to be involved with DLP for three main reasons: the hard work I have put into the chapter up to this point has been fulfilling and purposeful; the emotional support I get from my Brothers is irreplaceable and necessary; and because I still have much left to do with, and for, this Chapter before I’ll call my time finished.”

Noel Montelongo

Beta Chi Chapter

“I love that I can be open about my life and be able to share my experiences with men going through the same obstacles as me. I like that I do not have to hide who I am or apologize for being me.”

Greg Dizon

 Xi Chapter

“Often, gay, bisexual, or progressive men are labeled to a certain scene and face the burden of stereotypes. In its diversity, this fraternity has shown me the multitude of opinions, beliefs, and styles that exist within the brotherhood and breaks down the assumptions that often accompany our community.”