Founded in 2006, the Alpha Psi Chapter Local Alumni Association exists to promote continuing social interaction between alumni of the Alpha Psi chapter and in the Northeast Ohio area. The LAA also endeavors to support the chapter in achieving its goals through guidance, mentoring and financial support. The Executive Board of the Association meets once a month and holds regular social gatherings for Alumni. Check back for an updated events calendar.

LAAs have become important parts of Brotherhood. They allow alumni to remain active after leaving their Chapter, whether for the purpose of continued service to the community, to the Fraternity, or for the simple pleasure of continued social interactions with fellow Brothers. LAAs are playing an increasingly important role in Delta Lambda Phi. For example, the alumni of the Alpha Centauri LAA and the Twin Cities LAA prevented the closing of their Chapters (Alpha and Delta, respectively). The LAAs were able to hold the Chapter Charters “in Trust”, thus allowing them to recruit new pledge classes without undergoing a complex Colonization process. As a result, both Alpha and Delta are thriving today, and the continuity of Brotherhood in these Chapters is assured.