What Is Delta Lambda Phi?

Delta Lambda Phi is a social fraternity for Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive men. Since it’s existence in 1986, DLP has had thousands of brothers across the country. Learn what it means to be a Lambda Man and to make your presence and make a difference. DLP can serve as a support network, social group, study group, and many other functions. Check out some important concepts of the fraternity, as taken from our pledge education manual.


History At Penn State

Originally founded as the Alpha Rho chapter at Penn State nearly a decade ago, it was disassociated due to lack of interest shortly after the start of the 21st century. With budding interest returning to Happy Valley, it was re-founded as a colony in 2009 with Michael Hong as the re-founding President. In March of 2011, the Penn State Colony officially became the Alpha Rho chapter once again with over 30 neophytes crossing into brotherhood.


The Fraternity Crest

The Delta Lambda Phi Crest holds key symbols upon which our organization is based. Our Crest ultimately contains the guiding principles by which a Lambda Man should live his life.

The Purposes of Delta Lambda Phi

Our Brothers commit the following ideas to heart and seek to always follow them as they live the Lambda Way:

  1. To promote dignified and purposeful social, service, & recreational activities for men, irrespective of sexual orientation.
  2. To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society; and
  3. To promote a strong a positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation.


Critical Choices of a Lambda Man

In the fulfillment of our three Purposes

We choose to:

  • Be leaders
  • Be brothers
  • Build community
  • Make ethical decisions
  • Live according to fraternal values and ethics
  • Handle interpersonal conflict effectively & professionally
  • Be responsible

We choose to:

  • See the big picture
  • Share our resources
  • Work together and learn from one another
  • Read, research, & think
  • Cooperate, not compete
  • Support a life-giving formula for Greek Life
  • See the writing on the wall

We choose to:

  • Role model how to use alcohol responsibly or abstain
  • Live drug-free
  • Be sexually responsible
  • Stop and report hazing
  • Be scholars
  • Serve others
  • Include others