The mission of the Ambassador Program of Delta Lambda Phi is to create a proactive, intersectional experience which leads others to seek our brotherhood.

Ambassadors are more than representatives of Delta Lambda Phi, they are the embodiment of its values and purposes. Using this framework, Ambassadors will be acting in university communities where our brotherhood can viably exist as a Colony and then Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi. They will clearly articulate how the values and purposes can be applied both on a personal but also an organizational level of Delta Lambda Phi. As such, Ambassadors also possess a general understanding of current Fraternity culture and Delta Lambda Phi’s future within that culture as the most inclusive fraternal experience. 

Are you interested in joining the Expansion? Contact David Ocampo at

Being An Ambassador

Necessary Requirements:

  • Ability to travel up to 5 hours
  • Ability to make time for meetings at various institutions
  • Ability to report back to the Ambassador Coordinator in a timely fashion
  • Must be an Alumni in Good Standing with Delta Lambda Phi
  • Ability to store/maintain Ambassador Program Materials securely

Preferred Requirements:

  • Active Member of the DLPAA and/or LAA
  • Experience in Fraternity Recruitment, either locally or nationally, related to Delta Lambda Phi
  • Know and understand the three purposes, seven values, symbols, and language of Delta Lambda Phi
  • Experience in tracking expenditures and other data regarding recruitment efforts