Yellow Rose Award

It is traditional for members of the Board of Directors to give awards to Brothers that have assisted them in area covered by their office each year at the National Convention.  In 2006, then Vice President of Alumni Relations Jeff Thompson began the tradition that the VPAR awards the yellow rose award to those alumni that have contributed significantly to alumni relations and/or the fraternity in general.  The purpose of the award to is recognize a select few individuals while appreciating the alumni contribute in varying and significant ways often receiving little or no recognition.

It is the yellow rose award because the yellow rose is our official flower and a symbol of friendship.  It is a reminder that friendship and fun should come first in DLP and the alumni should seek to contribute to the success of the organization by extending the hand of friendship to the active Brothers and each other in the spirit of friendship.


  • Br. Erik Stavlund
  • Br. Adam Steckel
  • Br. David L. West
  • Br. Troy Ziesmer


  • Br. Lou Camera
  • Br. Adam Moore
  • Br. Marshall Smith


  • Br. Joel Corcoran
  • Br. Vernon L. Strickland, III


  • Br. Jeffrey M. Thompson, Ph. D.


  • Br. Christopher Scott Newman


  • Br. Lou Camera


  • Br. Paul Mercurio


  • Br. Jordan Decker