Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences, typically held in the Fall & Spring in each of the three regions, provide social and educational programs for pledges, brothers, alumni, and guests. At a different host city every season, it’s a great way to meet new brothers from across a region and make new connections. If you have a certain professional expertise consider facilitating a workshop during the conference.


The main purpose of our annual Convention is to carry out the business of the fraternity.  Delegates from across North America convene for a weekend, typically in July, in order to resolve new matters effecting the policy of our fraternity as well elect new members of our fraternity’s leadership. The weekend’s programming also include workshops, seminars, socials, and a banquet with a keynote speaker.

White & Gold Weekends

We are a social fraternity and that’s exactly what this weekend is all about! Each year, in early Spring and early Fall, alumni gather in host cities for a weekend full of camaraderie and fellowship. There is absolutely no fraternity business conducted during the weekend, although light programming is scheduled for a chance to interact with the DLP Alumni Association and members of the fraternity leadership.

Colonization & Chartering

Colonization & Chartering weekends are a very special time for our fraternity.  The establishment of a new presence of Lambda Men marks a great accomplishment for all those involved. It is highly encouraged that alumni brothers attend these ceremonies to welcome new members into our brotherhood.

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