Get Involved

Brotherhood in Delta Lambda Phi is a lifelong journey. We believe that your times as an active member is just the beginning of a wonderful life within the bonds of our brotherhood. Below are examples of ways to continue your engagement at the local, regional, and fraternity-wide level.

  • Becoming a member of the world-wide DLP Alumni Association
  • Serving as a Chapter Alumni Advisor
  • Mentoring an active or new alumni through the Lambda Mentor Program
  • Volunteering as a Colony Mentor supporting our expansion efforts
  • Attending Regional Conferences, Conventions, and/or the Alumni Weekend of Fun
  • Getting active in or starting a Local Alumni Association at your current residence
  • Serving in the Fraternity’s Leadership by applying for open positions

We encourage you to continue to make time for our brotherhood. We understand that your life commitments shift from year to year but know that Delta Lambda Phi is here to stay.  For further details on the aforementioned opportunities, click on the menu tabs above or contact us directly at