Alumni Association


The purpose of this Alumni Association is to provide a membership organization for alumni of DLP and support the mission of the Fraternity.


The Alumni Association was founded to ensure that the principles of Delta Lambda Phi are continuing to be lived out in the daily lives of its Alumni members. As Alumni we believe that leaving the active level of the brotherhood is only a beginning. We encourage all our members to not only support the AA but their home chapters.We have grown to include many Local Alumni Associations with this same belief. The expansion into local alumni groups has helped the Brotherhood extend from the Home Chapter to where ever Alumni live.


The vision of the Delta Lambda Phi Alumni Association is to empower all alumni Brothers on their lifelong journey as Lambda Men and is committed to furthering the vision of the Fraternity.


The Alumni Association (AA) was formed at the 2003 National Convention to provide a way for Alumni organize themselves at the National level.  The National Convention gave the AA a similar level of semi-autonomy to that of a Chapter of DLP.  In 2005, the National Convention merged the offices of the President of the Alumni Association and the Vice President – Alumni Relations (VPAR) so that whoever is elected to be the VPAR automatically became the AA President. This was in effect till Convention 2009 where during the Fraternity Reorganization the VPAR position was eliminated from the National Board. Now the AA leadership is elected soley by it’s membership.

With changes initiated by the 2012 Fraternity Convention, the Executive Board of the Delta Lambda Phi Alumni Association has become the Alumni Affairs Committee, a Fraternity Committee under the Board of Directors of DLP.  The President of the Alumni Association serves as the Chair of the committee, and is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board of Directors.  The Alumni Association, as a body, elects 7 of the members of the committee, with the Board of Directors having the ability to appoint the remaining two positions.