LAA of the Year

This award was first presented at the 2012 Convention in Portland, OR to recognize the tremendous work and dedication shown by the Twin Cities LAA and the Alpha Centauri LAA which successfully revived two of the oldest chapters in DLP history. Since then, the award is given to the Local Alumni Association who has demonstrated dedication to the Brotherhood through the acts of their members, and their continued commitment to what it means to be a Lambda Men as alumni of the Fraternity.


LAA of the Year Recipients


Alpha Centauri Local Alumni Association (Washington, D.C.)

Twin Cities Local Alumni Association (Minneapolis/St. Paul)


Heartland Alumni Association (Kansas City)


Local Alumni Association of the Massachusetts Bay (LAAMB)


Heartland Alumni Association (Kansas City)


LAA of the Year Program Overview

Recognizing Alumni Best Practices


Our local alumni associations were first recognized in 2012 and have provided a space for Lambda Men across North America the opportunity to experience and live the Lambda Way. Our LAAs have grown into central points for alumni outreach, engagement, and direct chapter support. Much like every group in Delta Lambda Phi, every LAA has a different flavor, mission, and purpose based on the needs of the membership and its surrounding DLP presence.

Alumni strengthen the Fraternity through their participation in Local Alumni Associations. The work of an LAA includes:

  • Advancing the aims of Friendship, Justice and Diversity
  • Strengthening the name and ideals of Delta Lambda Phi
  • Providing and maintaining a vehicle for all area DLP alumni to share in the Bonds of Brotherhood
  • Assisting nearby undergraduate chapters and colonies
  • Providing financial and volunteer support to the programs of Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity and the Delphi Foundation
  • Providing career, employment, and academic guidance for both alumni and undergraduates
  • Providing a representative voice for area alumni regarding Fraternity issues
  • Fostering healthy community relations and undertaking meaningful community service and philanthropic activities (and supporting similar efforts undertaken by undergraduate chapters and colonies)
  • Contributing to the betterment of society and our communities by advancing the Three Purposes and Seven Values of Delta Lambda Phi


To be considered for the LAA of the Year award, Local Alumni Associations must have met the following requirements:

  • Be in good standing with the Fraternity Office
  • Submit the annual LAA Recognition Fee
  • Submit an annual LAA Financial Audit
  • Submit an annual LAA Budget
  • Submit the annual LAA of the Year Program Report in JIRA


The LAA of the Year Program promotes and recognizes best practices among LAAs as they aspire to achieve their core vision. LAAs will be recognized for distinguished achievements in every area, as well as have the opportunity to be awarded “LAA of the Year” at our annual Convention.  The following five pillars have been adopted as the core guides and aspirations for our LAAs to best serve its alumni, local chapters, our fraternity, and the greater community:

  • Fraternity Involvement
  • Alumni Outreach
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Lifelong Giving
  • Chapter Support

These five pillars serve as the foundation for our LAAs.  They will help to build local networks of alumni that not only serve Delta Lambda Phi’s alumni, but communities and chapters across North America.  Supplemented with our Fraternity’s Purposes and Values, they will directly impact our ability to create an unrivaled alumni experience!

Local Alumni Associations will be responsible for submitting the annual LAA of the Year Program Report prior to the deadline to be eligible.  To maintain consistency with Fraternal Services and Chapter/Colony requirements, the LAA of the Year Program Report will be completed in Jira and due at the same time as the Standards of Excellence Reports.  The Alumni Affairs Committee will review all reports and select one LAA to be awarded LAA of the Year at annual Convention.

Additional awards for LAAs may be awarded as the program evolves, and at the Alumni Affairs Committee’s discretion. Similar to the Chapter/Colony Standards of Excellence Reports, all data submitted by LAAs will be published and readily available for other LAAs to review.  This model will allow our LAAs to collaborate, improve, and ultimately continue building a great alumni experience for all.


All Local Alumni Associations will be scored out of a possible 100 points.  Chapter and Hybrid-based LAAs will be assessed on all five sections.  City-Based LAAs will be assessed on four sections.  Below is the breakdown of scoring for each type of LAA:

  • Chapter and Hybrid-based LAA
    • Fraternity Involvement (18 points)
    • Alumni Outreach (18 points)
    • Alumni Engagement (18 points)
    • Lifelong Giving (18 points)
    • Chapter Support (28 points)
  • City-based LAA
    • Fraternity Involvement (25 points)
    • Alumni Outreach (25 points)
    • Alumni Engagement (25 points)
    • Lifelong Giving (25 points)

Fraternity Involvement

As Lambda Men, we pledge to be part of something greater than ourselves; an emphasis on fraternity-wide engagement is what connects us all. We are an interwoven tapestry of various groups, all with the same core fraternal guiding principle.

  • Assessment
    • Attendance at Regional Conferences, Convention and other Fraternity-wide events
    • Participation in or support of DLPAA Programs
  • Section Notes
    • The AAC has discretion when evaluating Fraternity Involvement since the size of a LAA can vary
    • LAAs will be required to submit a roster with the LAA of the Year Report; this will allow the AAC to determine percentage of a LAA’s Membership attending and/or participating in Fraternity events

Alumni Outreach

DLP’s alumni network surpasses 3,000 brothers. In our efforts to connect and reconnect with our alumni, it’s important to us that our Local Alumni Associations support these efforts to maximize opportunities for alumni engagement.

  • Assessment
    • Recruitment & Retention of Local Alumni
    • Outreach Initiatives
  • Section Notes
    • The AAC has discretion when evaluating Alumni Outreach
    • LAA events, such as monthly dinners or happy hours, can count as Outreach Initiatives if the LAA can provide documentation that alumni who have fallen away or not actively been involved were invited and encouraged to attend
    • Dedicated Outreach Initiatives and Campaigns are encouraged

Alumni Engagement

Delta Lambda Phi is a social organization and it’s imperative to keep that at the core of everything we do. Providing inviting and worthwhile engagement opportunities creates a space where all alumni can enjoy our Lifelong Journey.

  • Assessment
    • Regular communication to members of the LAA and local alumni
    • LAA membership attendance and participation in LAA-sponsored events
    • Host regular alumni-centered events
  • Section Notes
    • The AAC has discretion when evaluating Alumni Engagement
    • LAAs who choose to go above and beyond the expectations in this section can submit documentation in the LAA of the Year Program Report for evaluation by the AAC

Lifelong Giving

Being an alumnus comes with a sense of responsibility to give back to the organization that has afforded you the opportunity to be part of this network of like-minded and supportive individuals; no matter how small or large your contributions, they are valued and welcome.

  • Assessment
    • Conducts an annual service project or philanthropy event
    • Supports DLP through time, talent, or funding programs (donations to Chapters and Colonies are excluded in this section)
  • Section Notes
    • The AAC has discretion when evaluating Lifelong Giving
    • At minimum, the LAA and Chapter must be equally responsible for planning, hosting, and executing the service event discussed in this section
    • A LAA cannot receive credit for service/philanthropy events in which the Chapter has been primarily responsible for planning, hosting, and executing
    • Financial giving can be provided by the LAA as a whole or individual core members of the LAA
    • Financial giving includes the DLPAA and its funds, Delphi, etc.;  It does NOT include financial contributions to Chapters or Colonies
    • DLPAA Annual and Lifetime Dues are eligible types of financial giving

Chapter Support

For Chapter and Hybrid-based LAAs, Chapter support is a priority. We encourage our LAAs to provide resources, guidance, and most importantly, keep the spirit of Delta Lambda Phi alive and well for our active Chapters and Colonies.

  • Assessment
    • LAA representation at Chapter and Colony events
    • Hosts open-events for active brothers
    • Financial assistance provided to Chapter and Colony
  • Section Notes
    • The AAC has discretion when evaluating Chapter Support
    • Financial contributions to a Chapter or Colony can be provided by the LAA as a whole or an individual core member of the LAA
    • Only formal financial contributions to a Chapter or Colony are eligible types of giving
    • Goods and in-kind donations to a Chapter or Colony are eligible types of giving
    • Financial donations to Chapters/Colonies or individuals within the Chapter/Colony to offset costs for conference, convention, or other fraternity-related expenses are eligible types of financial giving


  • “Core Members” & “Core Membership” are defined as LAA members who are involved in at least 50% of LAA Activities, and/or paying, and/or voting members.
  • LAA Members must have been conferred alumni status by their respective Chapter, or granted alumni status by the Board of Directors.


In addition to the pillars that comprise the LAA of the Year Program, it is important the Local Alumni Association maintain a strong relationship with the Fraternity Office through consistent communication standards.  This will ensure important information from the DLPAA is received by the LAA, as well as ensure all LAA Members have an opportunity to participate in DLP events and programs.  Most importantly, it will ensure feedback from LAAs and alumni can be solicited, received, and processed to ensure an unrivaled alumni experience!

Below are additional expectations of each Local Alumni Association:

  • Check and respond to all emails sent to the official LAA email address ( at least once every three days
  • Ensure multiple LAA leaders have access to the official LAA email address
  • Disperse important fraternity information to LAA members in a timely manner (i.e. DLP events, programs, surveys, updated policies and bylaws, etc.)
  • Update the LAA Leadership Directory on Confluence with accurate contact information when new LAA leadership is elected
  • Meet with the assigned LAA coordinator quarterly
  • Notify the assigned LAA coordinator or Director of Alumni Engagement with any questions or concerns, as they arise

If you have any questions regarding the LAA of the Year Program, please contact Zach Ozbun, Director of Alumni Engagement, at