Thank you for your interest in the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Lambda located at North Carolina State University in Raleigh North Carolina.

It began In Washington, DC, in October 1986, when three elderly gentlemen established a trust to create a social fraternity that wouldn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation; the donors regretted such an alternative organization did not exist during their formative years. As Trustee, Vernon L. Strickland, III, administered the founding of Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity, creating its symbols, selecting a mascot and designing its rituals. In April 1987, Strickland initiated 24 men into the Fraternity’s Alpha Chapter and Delta Lambda Phi was born. Since then, Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men, has become one of the country’s fastest growing fraternities with chapters from coast to coast.

Delta Lambda Phi is a fraternity whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life for men, regardless of sexuality, by providing dignified and purposeful social, service, and recreational activities. In order to become a 'Lambda man', one must be open minded, accepting, and have respect for others, regardless of sexuality. He must be, in other words, "Progressive".

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