Info for Families

So your student has made the choice to join Delta Lambda Phi? Great! We are excited to have them join our family. That being said, we know that as the family of a new member, you probably have some questions. Below you will find some common questions that family often have about their student joining Delta Lambda Phi.

What is Delta Lambda Phi?

Since 1986, Delta Lambda Phi has been providing all men the opportunity to go Greek and be a part of something larger than themselves, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. We are founded on the values of excellence, integrity, diversity, justice, service, friendship and commitment. We as an organization strive to create a more open and supportive community through social and service events and to provide all men with opportunities to grow as leaders and members of the community.

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of people united by friendship and common values and goals. Through fraternities like ours, college students find opportunities to grow as an individual, a student and a leader, all while giving back to the community.

What about hazing?

In the past, Greek letter organizations have had a reputation of participating in hazing (actions that cause bodily harm or danger, mental or physical embarrassment, or general harassment). Both Iowa State University and Delta Lambda Phi have a ZERO TOLERANCE hazing policy. We pride ourselves on a brotherhood free of hazing. If you or your student ever feel that they have been a victim of hazing, please call the Office of Greek Affairs of Iowa State University at 515-294-1023.

Are you just the gay fraternity?

Although we were founded by gay men, we welcome men of all identities and gender expressions into our brotherhood. Straight, bisexual, gay, trans, gender queer, pansexual and asexual men, among many others, have joined our family. We strive to create an open and inclusive environment for all men of character. We also have a very strict sexual harassment policy in effect for our fraternity. If you aren’t sure if your student would be comfortable in an organization such as ours, we encourage them to attend our recruitment events at the beginning of each semester so they can meet us and see if we’re a good fit for them. We don’t pressure or hard sell students into joining our organization. We understand that we aren’t for everyone, but we encourage you to get to know us. You may be surprised.

What does it mean that my student is pledging?

By joining Delta Lambda Phi, your student has agreed to undergo our New Member Education Program or NME. NME is a 6-8 week course designed to teach our new members about the history of our fraternity, the history of all Greek-letter organizations, the symbols and traditions of our organization and help them create bonds with the other new members and brothers. This course is organized like any class at Iowa State. There is a weekly lecture with in-class discussions and activities, homework assignments and a group project that the new member class with do together. Our program has been approved by Iowa State University and our international fraternity office.

After the successful completion of NME, your student will be initiated as a full member of our fraternity. As mentioned before, this entire process is free of hazing or harassment. However, we expect only the best from our new members and our program is designed to challenge them. Not everyone who begins the program will finish it. We take this process very seriously, as we only initiate the best members into our family. If you have any other questions about this process, please contact us.

How about academics?

We expect the best of our brothers, and that is especially true when it comes to academics. Our chapter requires all of our brothers to achieve at least a 2.50 GPA every semester. In order to incentivize our brothers to go above and beyond, we offer several scholarships for those achieving the highest GPAs in their new member class, in the chapter and for those improving their GPA the most. We also offer academic programming and will assist your student in finding the resources they need to be successful. As college students, we’re here to get a quality education first.

What are the financial responsibilities?

Like all social fraternities, our members are charged dues every semester. The average dues for a fraternity member at Iowa State living outside a chapter facility are over $600 per semester. Our dues are under $500 a year for our members. These dues go to support our programming, like social events, annual retreat, service projects, Greek Week participation and many others. We are proud to offer all of these activities at such a reasonable price. We also host fundraisers throughout the year in order to keep the financial burden on our members as low as possible.

For a more specific breakdown of financial obligations, please contact us.

What is my role as a family member?

Students need support when they are joining a fraternity. There are a number of things we recommend doing to show your support for your student:

  • Keep an open mind. Being in a fraternity is not right for everyone. Just because you may have found Greek life to be a good fit for you or not, that does not mean that your student will have the same experience.
  • Talk about the financial obligations sooner rather than later. With proper planning, going Greek can be an affordable investment. We also offer payment plans if lump sum payments are not a possibility.
  • College presents an opportunity for young people to explore their identities. Joining organizations like Delta Lambda Phi help to facilitate this process. Supporting your student as they work to discover themselves is an important and vital role for you as a family member. We look forward to maintaining a dialogue with you about your student’s future.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please, do not hesitate to contact our chapter directly.