Odyssey Fund

Our chapter resolves itself to invest in the future of our brotherhood. We do this by welcoming quality gentlemen into our family and by sending them out to experience opportunities that will ensure they will aspire to take the long-term ownership of their success and the success of our organization personally.

In pursuit of this aim, our alumni have established The Odyssey fund for the express purpose of supporting participation in Regional Conferences by brothers of the Beta Lambda Chapter. This scholarship will cover the registration expense of newly initiated brothers who have never experienced a regional conference in the hopes that they can take what they learn and apply it in their own lives.

To apply for the Beta Lambda Chapter Odyssey Fund, submit a written bid to the chapter president that includes:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Class designation and initiation date
  • Positions held and/or aspire to hold within the chapter
  • What you hope to gain by attending the conference
  • What you intend on bringing back and contributing to Beta Lambda

After the bids have been collected, the chapter will submit them to Br. Hernandez. He and the Beta Lambda alumni will review all submissions. Interested brothers must submit bids three weeks prior to the start of the regional conference.