How to Join?

Interested in getting to know if making your presence known with Delta Lambda Phi is right for you?

Come to our Rush Events – these events are your chance to get to know us, have fun, meet some cool people, and walk away with an idea of what a fraternity is. Come to a rush event, stay for a bit, have a chat and then keep coming back. See what fun you can have!

If you think the next step is right, you pledge. Then begins a new process with a bunch of guys just like you, seeing if this is what you want from a college experience. What’s next? Take a detailed look at joining.

Steps to Becoming a Brother

Step 1 – Rush

The first step toward membership in the Fraternity is rush. Rush lasts about 2 weeks and is filled with events and parties where prospective members (Rushees) get an opportunity to meet the current members. Rush is designed to allow interested parties an opportunity to learn more about Delta Lambda Phi, its mission, activities, brotherhood, and ideals.

At the end of Rush “Bids” are extended to some Rushees as selected by the active brotherhood. In practice, the majority of rushees are extended a bid; however, bids are not extended without thoughtful consideration and only upon full agreement of the brotherhood.

Step 2 – Pledge

If a Rushee is extended and accepts the Bid he becomes a Pledge and enters into a 6-10 week Pledge Education period, a time of preparation and training in the ideals and purposes of the Fraternity. The duration of this preparatory period for the Beta Nu Chapter is about 8 weeks.

The purpose of the pledge process is to instruct Brothers-in-Training on how the Fraternity operates, and to get to know the brothers of Delta Lambda Phi. During this time, each Pledge is assigned a “Big Brother” to assist him with his pledge education and the journey.

Step 3 – Membership

At the end of the pledgeship period, Active Membership is granted to those who are in accordance with the principles of the Fraternity and who have successfully completed the period of pledgeship.
So say I do all of this, now what?

There are always two things in the end that make or break:

1) Your schedule

Time! There’s never enough and that is something you need to figure out. It’s about having the drive to get out of your dorm room or apartment and join a group of Brothers whether it be having fun on the town or helping the GLBT community’s noble work.

2) Your personal interest

A fraternity is a place to take what you know to the next level. It’s about those around you as much as yourself. Leadership, character, trust, respect: these values become part of what you do and who you become. Each individual gives in their unique perspective while taking away an experience that doesn’t happen just anywhere.

If you are interested in learning more about the organization, check out the information provided below:

Spring 2016 Rush Poster

Spring 2016 Rush Poster

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