Kappa-Camera class Fall 2014

January 4, 2015

At the Schedule-Fraternity-Rush2014-falldawn of a new semester, we cannot help but look back at our wonderful Kappa-Camera class and its achievements. As part of the Kappa class, Hui Wang, Stephen De Four, Logan Di Giovanni, Jinghui Ding, Renato Salinas and Phil Perez Aranguren presented a united front reflecting the values of our Fraternity. Since the beginning, we could feel that each of them had the potential to be an asset in Delta Lambda Phi.

The pledge process started out with the usual Rush: a whole week during which the Brothers-to-be get to know the active BrothersBowling-fall-2014 and Alumni.

Among other events, Bowling and Karaoke were very successful. At the end of Rush week, Rushees were extended bids to join the fraternity and seven of them accepted and thus became official pledges of the Beta Omega Chapter at McGill University. The Kappa-Camera class was officially inducted in late September, which represented for them the first step towards Brotherhood.





After a cheerful October which included Thanksgiving, Nu Delta Mu mixer, Halloween and many more events, some of our Brothers proudly went to Oshawa to participate in the historic founding of the UOIT colony. In addition, we were also enthusiastic to help the West-Island LGBT Youth Centre hold a tremendous gala for the community.



The Kappa-Camera class spent a semester showing their dedication to Delta Lambda Phi and eventually threw a great Night of Madness and organized a Clothing drive for their service project. From left to right, we are proud to introduce Hui, Stephen, Jinghui, Renato, Phil and Logan. According to one of the Pledges, Hui Wang, the Night of Madness was the most significant event for him, because of the many meaningful interactions held that night.


The Kappa class was initiated at the end of a day-long journey full of surprising discoveries, joys, and much reflection. At dusk, six new Brothers had officially joined the Beta Omega Chapter, and began walking on the path of Brotherhood. We are sure that they are major assets for the Fraternity.

At the threshold of a new semester that is about to begin, we hope to renew this experience with the Lambda class, Winter 2015!


Pierre Gianferrara