Mathieu-pic-newMathieu Guimond-Morganti:

Born and raised in Montreal, Mathieu is a French Canadian with a scientific mind who aims to be a jack of all trades, master of none. He is currently studying physics and computer science at McGill, a program he picked almost at random because it sounded interesting (and it is!). His hobbies include engaging in pointless pseudo-philosophical debates about life, the universe and everything, playing trading card games, and learning how stuff works. He takes pride in his resilience and his ability to overcome adversity.


Elesser Pader Bulatao:Elesser-pic-new

Elesser arrived in Montreal, Canada one year after he was born in the Philippines.  Interested in people, especially in how they live and their development, he started out in anthropology, but soon realized it wasn’t for him as McGill focuses heavily on archaeology, a sub-discipline of anthropology Elesser is not so fond of.  He will now major in international development with a minor in environment.  When he has time, he likes to volunteer for different organizations as he was taught at a very young age to help other people.  In fact, he LITERALLY grew up in a church in Westmount where he volunteered for various projects organized by the congregation geared towards community development.  He also likes to read and take long walks outside during the summer.