Mu Corcoran


12746506_930948686992719_172840661_nBen Cantor-Adams:

Ben is an undergraduate pursuing a degree in history and political science at McGill. Originally from a sleepy suburb of Boston, he is happy to find himself in a brand new city (and country!). He hopes to one day find work in international politics. Until then, however, he spends his time playing video games, reading Stephen King novels, playing tabletop games, singing in choir, and volunteering at McGill’s radio station. He is also passionate about social justice, create writing, procrastination, and women’s artistic gymnastics. Above all, he is excited to make his presence make a difference.

Kevin Frégeau-Strasbourg:12346397_10156271005750384_9095832861577077813_n

Étudiant en linguistique à l’Université de Montréal, Kevin a aussi étudié en musique, en littératures anglaise et française, auf Deutsch, in Italiano, tzak tzak Ivrit… bref, il connaît (presque) tout! Mise à part rire très fort et manger ses frites avec de la mayonnaise, Kevin est un sportif… de bas étages! (Ne lui en déplaise, il mesure 5 pieds, même s’il a toujours mangé ses croûtes!) Natation, vélo, raquette et lutte olympique (Maman, ça fait mal!) sont quelques unes de ses activités légères ! En tant qu’aventurier, il lit le Talmud, les livres de Réjean Ducharme, les chroniques du Devoir, qu’il corrige par plaisir de temps à autre, ou une œuvre avec un titre à coucher dehors pour se rendre intéressant. Pour le plaisir de ses comparses et son public, il chante tous les grands succès de Ginette Reno ou les plus beaux massacres de mariachi. C’est un Saint-Gulier!

Before studying Linguistics, Kevin studied in Music, English and French Literature, auf Deutsch, in Italiano, tzak tzak Ivrit…while he may not know everything just yet, he sure knows a lot! When he isn’t spending his time laughing really loud and eating his fries with mayonnaise, he’s a low profile athlete. He is a real example of the fact great things come in small packages. Kevin enjoys swimming, biking, snowshoeing and wrestling. However, one of Kevin’s favourite things is reading: the Talmud & Devoir’s Chronicles are amongst his favourites. For the pleasure of his friends and audience, he bursts often in songs, especially those of Ginette Reno or any Marichi’s heart-killing canciones. What a man!

Oliver Gidora:1907440_684233261663855_1847662092386489900_n

Born in the wild green forests of BC, Oliver spent most of his childhood in small towns adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and specifically in Halfmoon Bay BC. Oliver attended Quest University in Squamish, and completed a music diploma at Capilano University in Vancouver before relocating to Montreal to pursue further studies. He is currently working on a Geography Urban Systems degree at McGill University. He is also skilled at brewing kombucha, playing the cello, knowing obscure historical facts, and being self-contradictory. He likes long walks, no matter whether they’re on the beach, through the city, or in the forest. Oliver is on a quest to find meaning in this angular, concrete city without extinguishing his inner flame of curiosity. When Oliver grows up he would like to be something like an urban planner, architect, composer, writer, or even a farmer.



Yaneric Julien:12919608_1203687462982234_1943077254_o

Born and raised in Quebec, Yaneric is a proud Canadian. After graduating in 2015 from the University of Ottawa in Social Sciences, he joined the Public Relations and Marketing programs at McGill University, all the while working for the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

In his free time, Yaneric loves discovering new wines, travelling and networking. There is however nothing that makes him happier than spending good quality time with his family and his puppy Charlie.