Delta Alumni

JordanJordan Mak

A proud Delta Class member, Jordan has graduated from McGill University. A native of Vancouver, Jordan came to the lively city of Montreal to study at McGill’s School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition in the pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Outside of DLP, Jordan has been involved with the Dietetics and Human Nutrition Undergraduate Society and the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals at McGill. Upon graduating, Jordan now works as a Dietician. In his spare time, Jordan likes to cook, read up on current events, catch up with the latest pop jams, and party with the Lambda men of the Beta Omega Chapter.



405606_10152541369995417_725322701_nNicholas Opinsky

Nick is a native New Yorker, but completed high school in the UK. He is a double major in both History and Urban Geography, and hopes to enter into the world of real estate and urban planning. Delta Lambda Phi has played a very important role in his university experience, after being both Brotherhood Director and Philanthropy Chair. Nick’s greatest passion is certainly traveling for pleasure, work, and volunteering. His best trips have included India, El Salvador, Peru, and Fiji. He is also extremely interested in art, architecture, and of course meeting new people


1399254_10201708929218079_1582649316_oEliot H

Eliot joined DLP Beta Omega chapter in its last class as the McGill colony, the Delta class. He carries quite an international background, born in France, and having lived in Cameroon, Tahiti, Russia, and China. His choice of studying computer science and majoring in software engineering aligns with his hobbies, which are all in one way or another related to technology, with the exotic exception of learning to dance latin dances such as Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, and others. Being its youngest member, he has enjoyed the support the fraternity has been providing and recommends this experience to anyone.


MathieuMathieu Tremblay

Mathieu is a French Canadian born and raised in the suburbs of Montréal. After having done the totality of his education in French, he decided to take a chance and apply to the Bachelor of Architecture at McGill University. At his surprise, he was admitted for the Fall 2009. He got involved during Winter 2010 with the Engineering Faculty’s LGBT group Queer Engineer, and then, at the beginning of his second year, he learnt about the Delta Lambda Phi Colony in McGill and decided to rush, becoming a Delta pledge. Early in 2012, Mathieu became a full Brother with his fellow neophytes and pledges during the Chartering of the McGill Colony. Although he is still unsure if he will pursue architecture as a career path or not, he is pretty sure it will be, in one way or another, related to design.