Theta Alumni

Tao En (Henry) Lee

 Henry Lee:

Henry studied Dietetics at the Macdonald campus of McGillUniversity. Although he was born in Taiwan, he spent a significant amount of time growing up in Alabama, Thailand and in the Philippines. As a result, he grew up as a third culture kid who loved travelling and enjoying cuisines from different countries. His great passion for food guided him to study at one of the world’s gastronomy centers –Montreal. In his spare times, Henry is a budding photographer and delights in listening to the blues and jazz.




Phil Philip Medeiros:

I am a second generation Montrealer and recent McGill grad. When I first joined the fraternity I was a soon-to-be recent McGill grad; however as my first year in DLP progressed, the point at which my status as such was set to change was postponed further and further into the future.
During the preceding period in which I was a new McGill student, which lasted approximately three years, I involved myself primarily with Queer McGill, first as a well-wisher, then as a bystander, then as a member, and then finally as a Discussion Group coordinator, which was also my position during the period of my transition of orbiting from the pole of ‘entering’ to the pole of ‘exiting’ McGill.

Throughout this entire period my McGill experience was justified as a Major in History and English, as well as in various Minors which continuously morphed through my first few years and finally emerged as Economics (which I did not much enjoy).

In my span as an active brother at DLP I was first Sergeant-at-Arms and then Vice-President, the first which was described to me initially as a minor position and the second which was described to me as a very major one. In my execution of these roles, however, I found that their ostensible attributes had actually been reversed and the role of SAA was the more demanding of the two.

Outside of McGill, I also have worked at various customer-service jobs, one for about five years and the next which is still ongoing. I also have enjoyed books, films, television, and video games, in a particular way that is my wont, such as the wonts differ of all people who indulge in such pursuits.