BΩ Chapter

The Arts Building in the fall

In 2009, Samuel Reisler, a U1 Arts student, thought to create a community for queer men brought together by social, service and recreational activities after feeling frustrated with the existing services available on McGill campus. After spending a few days researching potential models for such an organization, he came across Delta Lambda Phi (DLP), a fraternity based in the United States espousing the principles of brotherhood and unity for gay, bisexual, and progressive men.

The first gathering for DLP McGill was held shortly after, and, after a few events, the original interest group was selected. In the Spring of 2010, the McGill Interest Group was formally colonized and the Alpha Class inducted. The next few months were spent strengthening the relationships in the group, building our presence on campus, and within the community. In the fall of 2010, the Beta Class, a group of nine pledges began their path to brotherhood. In Winter 2011, three more pledges joined the DLP McGill family, and in the Fall 20122 four more Redmen embarked on the road to become a Lambda Man. Our fourth official rush was undertaken in January of 2012. Three bids were offered, and all three were accepted.

The McGill Colony was officially chartered on February 5, 2012, as the Beta Omega (BΩ) Chapter. It is Delta Lambda Phi’s first chapter outside the United States and the first fraternity aimed at gay, bisexual, and progressive men at McGill University.