Benefits of Brotherhood

The idea of joining a fraternity is something that can be very confusing for someone who has no previous experience with Fraternity and Sorority life. In fact, most of our current and alumnx Brothers will tell you that joining a fraternity was not something they envisioned themselves doing before they arrived on campus here at BGSU and UT. They have since experienced the unique and special bond that an organization like Delta Lambda Phi provides, and the many opportunities and benefits that accompany this experience. There are so many benefits for students who become involved with a Fraternity chapter!

Extracurricular Involvement

Nearly every list of college recommendations will tell you that early student involvement on campus can be critical to your success. Bowling Green State University has over 250 student organizations and involvement opportunities for you to access, which is wonderful, but can be rather overwhelming to someone new on campus. Joining a fraternity is a process that allows you to select a group of people with common interests and goals – a family of sorts – that can help guide you through your new experiences. Our chapter consists of many Brothers who are heavily involved in a variety of on-campus clubs, organizations, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, and becoming a member of our Brotherhood is an excellent way to learn about ways to further your own involvement.

Academic Support

Perhaps the most important aspect of joining a fraternity like Delta Lambda Phi is the academic support and guidance that our Brotherhood can provide. We have a strong history of academic excellence as a chapter, having many alumnx transition into very successful careers in health care and medicine, law, social work, art and graphic design, information technology, communications, education and college student personnel, human resources, politics, and social justice advocacy. The culture of academic excellence and responsibility among our members provides a strong foundation for our continued success as an organization, and we actively seek ways to support member’s own aspirations and interests.

Giving Back to your Communities

Many Fraternal organizations are highly service-oriented, and encourage or even require their members to complete a certain number of community service hours per semester. Delta Lambda Phi is no exception. Community service and philanthropy is required in our organization, and we participate in several service-related projects each year as a chapter. Our philanthropic involvement has included working with The Trevor Project, the Harvey House in Toledo, and many more. Volunteering is a unique way to give back to the BGSU and Toledo communities and your institution, and as an incredible way to prepare you to be an active member of your future communities.

Social Events

Being new on a college campus is difficult. Whether you’re a first year student, a transfer student, or just enjoy making new friends with similar interests, joining a fraternity provides a strong social support system. Not only does Brotherhood foster strong bonds among the members of the Chapter, but also among members from different organizations. We hold social events with other Fraternities, Sororities, and campus organizations multiple times throughout the year, including our very well attended Annual DLP Drag Show, featuring local talent as well as international icons. We have developed friendships with members of other chapters and expanded our social and professional networks. Becoming involved is a great way to meet new people!

Leadership Experience

Fraternal organizations have endless opportunities to gain leadership experience. As a chapter, our executive board consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, which are elected positions. We also have various chair positions available, such as brotherhood coordinator, service coordinator and new member educator. Our members also have the opportunity to attend a yearly retreat sponsored by the Fraternity Office, Delta Force, which provides members a dynamic and wholistic approach to leadership and team-building. Furthermore, there are leadership positions available for which our Brothers are eligible within the Multicultural Greek Council, and other entities within FSL. Future employers and post-graduate professionals look highly upon such leadership experiences, and Fraternity and Sorority Life is known to produce well developed, effective leaders.

Professional Networking

Finally, another great benefit of becoming involved in an international fraternity like Delta Lambda Phi is the professional networking that comes along with becoming acquainted with Brothers from all over the country, and beyond. Delta Lambda Phi has 18 chapters and 2 provisional chapters located throughout the United States and holds annual conventions in different places across the country. As a chapter, we have attended several of such events, and have traveled to states such as Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, Kansas and more. The eventual goal of nearly everyone attending college is to be successful in their careers after they graduate, and organizations like Delta Lambda Phi provide a large professional network that provides endless opportunities to do so.