Q: When can I join?
A: The Rush period occurs once at the beginning of every semester. It is roughly a week and a half long and an event is held almost every day. To find out when the next rush period is see our Instagram or Twitter, where updates, schedules and events are posted. Also, don’t be afraid to message us or comment on our posts with questions!

Q: Do I have to be gay to join?
A: Of course not. We aren’t strictly looking for gay or otherwise queer men. We are open to anyone who is open to us, and whose actions and mindset are consistent with the values of our brotherhood. We have had straight identified members before.

Q: Can I join if I am trans?
A: Of course you can! Your identity is just as valid as anyone else’s and deserves the same respect and celebration. In an ideal world, this would be considered a given, but we are writing this here to ensure that everyone interested feels comfortable approaching us.

Q: If I rush or join, will I be outed/do I have to be out to join?
A: If you do fall somewhere along the queer spectrum and are not out, worry not! We respect everyone’s right to be out or not out in accordance with their comfort with that, and the unique circumstances of their lives. You do not have to be out to join us. And if you do rush or join us, we will take care to make sure that your wishes with regard to this are respected.


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