Will It Ever End? Beta Xi’s tireless close to an epic semester

May 5, 2010

The year is coming to its close, but by no means does the Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi have any regrets! With great leadership, loyal support, and total commitment, the Beta Xi Chapter launched itself into an new period of its history, full of absolute progress, exponential growth, and increasing organization and solidarity.

These last few weeks alone have been filled to the brim with activity and excitement. Only a week and a half ago, the Beta Xi boys converged at NYU’s University Hall to participate in the LGBTQ office’s Gender Bender Ball. As always, President Ryan Rockmore and Vice-President Joseph Picini took gender bending to its very limits with their dazzling drag queen personas. From the second they arrived till the moment Brother Ryan was voted “Best Queen” and Brother Joseph “Most Elegant,” they were a huge hit among all the partygoers. It was also a great event for the chapter as a whole. They were able to have fun in a non-gender biased space, support the leadership of the Chapter, and hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Besides progress, the biggest theme of this year has to be drag… we are DLP!

On Sunday, May second, the Beta Xi Chapter held its last business meeting of the academic year. The first major event was the transition to alumni status that all the seniors in Beta Xi successfully made from active brotherhood. These brothers include:

Fernando Contreras, a brother from near the beginning of the establishment of Beta Xi. He has held numerous offices in the Fraternity, including President. Fern is a drama major in the prestigious Tisch School of Fine Arts. Many of the brothers look up to Fern for his absolute dedication to DLP despite his impossibly busy schedule. He has been a friend to all and will certainly be missed by everyone. Brother Fern, thank you so much for your service.

Trenton Hart, a founder of Beta Xi, has an enormous wealth of knowledge regarding the fraternity. Understandably so, he has served as President, Social Chair, and Sergeant at Arms. If one thinks of a brother for life, one should think of Trent. His dedication to this fraternity’s and this chapter’s agenda has been absolute. Brother Trent, thank you so much for your friendship and service.

Miles Florence Jackson, a musical theatre major in Tisch, has been a brother for the past two years. Although he holds no office, Miles has taken an active role in certain social aspects of the Fraternity. Many of the newer brothers view him as a welcoming figure, someone to feel comfortable around, someone kind and compassionate, someone interesting and fun. His witty remarks and ceaseless charisma are something to aspire to. His talent is sure to soon be seen on Broadway. Brother Miles, we will miss you dearly. Good luck!

Nathan Miller, a film major in Tisch, was fundamental in the development of Beta Xi’s service outreach. Forging relationships with such groups as HOTT, Ali Forney Center, and the Trinity Shelter for transitioning LGBTQ Youths, Nathan’s work as Philanthropy and Service Chair is unparalleled. Without him, the beta Xi boys can only hope to make the difference he made and will continue to make in the lives of those less fortunate. Brother Nathan, thank you for your service.

At the end of the business meeting, the Beta Xi chapter elected new officers to fill the positions left by the Seniors. Brother Johnny De Vito will assume the position of Philanthropy and Service Chair; Brother James Van Sweringen will assume the position of Sergeant at Arms, and Brother Peter Lindner will assume the position of Social Chair. We look forward to your work boys!

On Monday, May third, the Beta Xi boys celebrated the Senior Send Off, a dinner to thank and commemorate the awesome friendship and service that the Seniors have given to the Brotherhood. President Ryan Rockmore made a toast to each of them, mentioning their special contributions to the past and the future of Delta Lambda Phi.

There were numerous events that are evidence of the progress that the Beta Xi chapter has made in recent months. From the welcoming of ten new brothers into the Fraternity in this academic year alone, the staging of a hugely successful drag show for charity, involvement in countless more service programs, and a renewed sense or functionality and organization, the torch of NYU’s Beta Xi burns bold and bright. It is all summed up with this chapter being awarded the honor of the National Fraternity’s featured chapter of the week. Take a few seconds and follow this link to watch the video Brother, Vice-President, and Press Secretary Joseph Picini composed:

Featured Chapter of the Week

In other news, the Beta Xi chapter received a series of awards in the Greek community at NYU. President Ryan Rockmore was recognized as the President of the year for his tireless, hard work in the past two semesters. This is a tremendous honor for Ryan, the Beta Xi chapter, and Delta Lambda Phi as a whole as he competed with the able Presidents of every other fraternity and sorority at the New York University. The Greek community also recognized brothers Trent Hart, Nathan Miller, and Fernando Contreras for their many years of service; it was a fitting recognition and farewell to three seniors we will miss dearly.

The Beta Xi chapter also participated in the AIDS walk of New York City. Raising nearly two thousand dollars for the cause, the Beta Xi brothers made their presence known in the LGBTQ community through their selflessness and compassion for others.

The Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi hopes every brother has a great summer! Good luck on finals, spend time with friends, and make your presence known!