Recruitment Week Summary

September 30, 2011

Beta Xi is proud to announce that we had so many wonderful gentlemen come out to our recruitment events. It truly was a delight to see all the interest that there is in our unique organization at NYU. The week consisted of many great programs opening with an information session and some Big Gay Ice Cream  (Beta Xi’s treat).  Followed by game night throw back with board games, Naughty Apples to Apples, and N64 Mario Cart! Wednesday we took a nice relaxing tour of the West Village passing by the historic Stonewall Bar and ending up at the Chelsea Piers. Thursday we had a delicious pot luck. Friday we continued the week of tasty treats of attending theMoMA and then heading over to Momofuku’s Milk Bar for some delicious Cookies, Cereal Milkshakes, and Crack Pie. Finally we concluded the week celebrating The Trinity Shelter and its fifth birthday for a little community service. All in all Potential New Members report that it was fun week and is was very successful with the extension of 17 bids.  The Brothers would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us! We hope to see you all next at our upcoming events!DLP_recruitment_poster