Delta Lambda Phi Fall Recruitment 2012

August 29, 2012

On Saturday, September 8th, NYU Greek Life begins its fall recruitment, and on Monday, September 10th, we, the Beta Xi chapter of Delta Lambda Phi at NYU, will begin our own (Reality TV themed!) rush for the semester. If you can’t read the poster image, here are the specific times, dates, and events:

  • Meet the Greeks, for all of NYU Greek life, is on Saturday, Sept. 8, on the 4th floor of Kimmel at 8PM.
  • Formal Recruitment, for all of NYU fraternities, is on Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Global Center, 238 Tompkins (next to Kimmel) at 1PM.
  • Meet the Brothers of DLP is on Monday, Sept. 10th, in Palladium Seminar Room B at 7PM.
  • Game Night is on Tuesday, Sept. 11th, in Kimmel 910 at 8PM.
  • For the LGBTQ Walking Tour of the West Village, we’ll be meeting at Schwartz Plaza on Wednesday, Sept. 12th, at 7PM.
  • The potluck is on Thursday, Sept. 13th, in Kimmel 907 at 6PM.
  • For the MoMA visit, we’ll be meeting on Friday, Sept. 14th, at Schwartz Plaza at 4:30PM.
  • For the community service event, we’ll be meeting on Saturday, Sept. 15th, at Schwartz Plaza at 11AM.
Come to as many recruitment events as you can so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us. If you have any questions, tweet at us, or write on our Facebook timeline (and make sure to follow/like, as well as RSVP to the official Facebook event).
We look forward to meeting you all~