Alumni Help Rebuild Delta Chapter

November 30, 2011

Nice work Delta Chapter Alumni and the new Actives! We are so happy to see our Delta Chapter thriving again! From an article in the Minnesota Daily:

Alumni of gay and bisexual fraternity Delta Lambda Phi have rebuilt the chapter since 2010 and are ready to hand the reins back to current students, effective Thursday.

In 2009 the chapter struggled with recruitment and it seemed the community lost interest, said Tim Ortyl, a University of Minnesota graduate student and Delta Lambda Phi alumni officer. Now, the chapter’s membership has grown enough that the alumni can step down.

The fraternity’s local alumni association had to decide “whether we were going to try to rebuild the chapter ourselves or just let it die,” Ortyl said.

“None of us wanted to see the chapter go away,” he said.

Read the rest of this article at the Minnesota Daily.