Delphi Foundation Update

December 19, 2011

The Delphi Foundation has been busy with a number of different projects! They recently awarded academic scholarships this year (the fourth consecutive year of awarding these).

Congratulations to the 2011 recipients:

  • Chris Celania, Iowa State University (Ames, IA)
  • Matthew Vasilakis, San Diego State University (San Diego, CA)

The 2012 scholarship application process will open early next year, so keep an eye out for that announcement!

The Delphi Foundation has also been hard at work expanding the Delta Force Leadership Development Academy.  2012, the second year for the program, will have 18 participants from all over the country (and a neighboring country as well) along with a strong team of facilitators and organizers.  Because of the generous donations they’ve received, they’re able to put together this program for attendees at a significant discount to the actual cost.  This program helps create the next generation of leaders, both within the fraternity and beyond.

Over the past several years, the Delphi Foundation has returned over $20,000 in benefits to the community through scholarships, the leadership development academy, sponsorship of educational programs at conferences and conventions, and outreach with chapters and regions to support charitable projects.  They can only do this with your support!

Most recently, Delphi has started to look further into the future.  The organization want to make sure that these programs they put together are able to continue and grow as the Delphi Foundation moves forward.  As part of that mission, the Foundation can now accept direct transfers of stock and securities as donations in addition to cash donations.  This can really increase the power of your donation by minimizing taxes as part of your charitable donation.  If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact Marshall Smith, Delphi Foundation President or any of the Delphi Foundation board members.