DLP Goes International: Beta Omega Chapter Featured

February 10, 2012

Beta Omega Chapter

Numerous publications online and offline have picked up the story on Delta Lambda Phi opening its very first international chapter, Beta Omega at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.

Lifestyle magazine Queerty reports:

Although America has 28 chapters of Delta Lambda Phi (DLP), an all-gay fraternity, the icy expanses of Canada haven’t been infiltrated.

Until now! Sam Reisler has started a chapter at Montreal‘s McGill University—and nearly 20 rushees officially became brothers during a super-secret ceremony this past weekend, reports the Toronto Star.

While the Toronto Star itself said:

The frat brothers [are] understandably excited. Through their venture they’re not only piercing the bastion of heterosexual male masculinity that is the typical college fraternity. They’re also out to upend the stereotypes about fraternities themselves.

Not to be outdone, the Montreal Gazette had its word, and Canadian gay news magazine Xtra! took a brief interview.

Check out Beta Omega Chapter on its web site and like them on Facebook.