Greek Life Welcomes DLP Colony at The College of New Jersey

March 26, 2012

The men of the new Colony at The College of New Jersey continue to make their presence known and gain momentum, as a national collegiate life publication interviews them on their origins and mission:

Ever since I came to TCNJ I knew I wanted to be in Greek life,” said Fisher. “I went through normal recruitment and couldn’t find a place where I felt that I ‘fit.’”

Fisher knew that he wanted two things from the organization that he was looking to join: it needed to be Greek and it needed to be LGTBQA friendly.

As an alternative to the groups already offered on campus, Fisher decided he would work towards founding a brand new fraternity. The ideas began during the spring 2011 semester. One year later, TCNJ’s campus and Greek Life is proud to welcome the newest addition to its family: Delta Lambda Phi.

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