TCNJ Colony Raises Funds for Homeless LGBT Youth

April 10, 2012

The members of the Colony at The College of New Jersey are making their presence make a difference, helping to raise funds for important organizations like The Triad House, which assists LGBT teens who are the victims of homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Delta Lambda Phi and other Greek groups volunteered to support the annual Drag Show event ran by Queer-Straight Alliance organization PRISM and staff at Travers Hall, providing both entertainment and education to the audience.

Beyond raising funds for The Triad House and acting as a form of obvious entertainment, Prism and Travers Staff also used this event as an opportunity to educate the audience, Ball and Cavallo said.

In between each performance, Stone gave information on Drag culture and the LGTBQ community, including information about The Triad House as well as information on the multiple types of Drag.

“It was definitely a success,” Shah said. “I saw people at this event who don’t usually come out to LGBTQ-related events, and it was great to see the support from the campus.”

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