School’s Out: Brotherhood at the U

June 1, 2012

The Brothers of Delta Chapter in Minneapolis, Minnesota are making their presence known promoting the Brotherhood with local LGBT interest publication Lavender Magazine.

Lavender published an article penned by Br. Shane Nygaard discussing the fraternity’s origins, present-day status, future, and our concept of Brotherhood.

The magazine also interviewed active brothers and alumni on their interest in joining the fraternity in a video on the magazine’s own site as well as on YouTube.

An excerpt follows, plus the video:

When asked what Brotherhood means to him, Delta Chapter Brothers and Alumni describe the meaning of Brotherhood in an array of different ways, covering a full spectrum of experiences anywhere from loyalty, honor, friendship, and community to strength, trust, honesty, and integrity.  To others, Brotherhood means strength in numbers, bonding, and teamwork.  It means love, family, and even family-like it or not.  It means standing together as a whole even when the pieces don’t fit together nicely.  Brotherhood is support and unconditional love, along with laughter and acceptance, and ultimately it can be the strongest bond in life.  And it is through the bonds of Brotherhood that, although school’s out at the U, for Delta Lambda Phi, Brotherhood is always in.