May 2012 Centaur All-Star: Brother Airon Tee!

June 17, 2012

Congratulations to Brother Airon Tee of Gamma Chapter in Los Angeles for making his presence make a difference, and in turn earning the Centaur All-Star award for May 2012!

Br. Tee was nominated by Br. Armando Huipe, Alumni Advisor of Gamma Chapter, for his leadership and direction as president of the Chapter and for achievements in its community service projects. An excerpt from Br. Huipe’s nomination:

In the two short years that Airon has spent at UCLA, he has made tremendous impacts to the brothers of Delta Lambda Phi and Campus at large. He swiftly emerged as a leader among our group and was elected president after only a quarter and a half of active membership. He had a vision for the group and held everyone accountable to it. In turn, the chapter has doubled in size and is healthier than I have seen it in my experience.

Early in the year Airon took liking to a non profit by the name of Straight But Not Narrow. Throughout the year, he built what I would loosely call a campaign to aide this non profit. Whenever new requirements appeared for community service and volunteering, Airon jumped at the chance to co-program with SBNN. As things turned out his dedicated efforts did not go without just reward. SBNN Co-Founder was dear friends with ‘Hunger Games’ star Josh Hutcherson. Because Airon had altruistically aided SBNN they knew that this was not his ‘end game.’ Josh Hutcherson was able to help DLP and UCLA make some waves by inviting Hutcherson to participate in some of our Ally Week events, dedicated to raising awareness of the lgbt community and our allies. The amount of press this garnered surpassed what anyone had anticipated. All of these collaborative efforts that the chapter had made were by virtue of Airon’s leadership.

Members of Delta Lambda Phi can learn more on Confluence.

Brother Airon Tee and all Centaur All-Star recipients will be provided complimentary hotel lodging and free registration for the upcoming Convention 2012 event in Portland.  They will be featured in the Centaur’s Yell newsletter, here on the fraternity’s web site, and on Confluence. All recipients also qualify for the prestegious Brother of the Year Award.