Staff Member of the Quarter (2013-1): Br. Jeremy Ogul!

February 3, 2013

Please join us in congratulating Brother Jeremy Ogul for receiving the Staff Member of the Quarter Award for the first quarter of 2013 (second quarter by fiscal year).

Brother Ogul, who was nominated by Br. Rob Lydick, joined Delta Lambda Phi® in Spring 2010 and currently serves as Internal Content Specialist for the Fraternity Office. Outside of Greek life, he is a freelance journalist, social media manager, and blogger.

“I nominated Jeremy Ogul (Internal Content Specialist) for Staff Member of the Quarter for several reasons. Jeremy has done a fantastic job with the past several issues of Centaur’s Yell [Fraternity Newsletter]. His drive and determination to make each edition fresh and exciting with an abundance of content and photos has really taken this newsletter to the next level. I honestly can’t say enough about Jeremy’s writing, organization, and effort when it comes to Centaur’s Yell. He has been diligent in planning out future issues and coming up with new ideas of how to increase readership and viewership. For all of the aforementioned reasons, I believe Jeremy Ogul is very deserving of the title of Staff Member of the Quarter.”

Thanks to Jeremy for his service to the Fraternity.

Members of Delta Lambda Phi® can read more about Br. Ogul and the Staff Member of the Quarter Award on Confluence.