Progressive fraternity establishes itself at Sac State

May 11, 2013

The members of Delta Lambda Phi®’s new Colony at Sacramento State University in California are making their presence known and being recognized by the local community.

The local university publication, The State Hornet, has featured the Sacramento State Colony an interviewed some of its eleven members.

The 11 members of the Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity have found a haven of acceptance and equality through their brotherhood.

The non-traditional fraternity is prepared to overcome general societal stereotypes. Business major and President of Delta Lambda Phi, Irvin Bogarin, 22, wants to make sure the student body at Sac State understands exactly what the fraternity stands for.

“We are a fraternity with the same pillars as any other fraternity on campus,” Bogarin said. “We just wanted a place for like-minded men to come together and support one another through a community based organization.”

A fellow member of the local Greek community also commented on the Colony:

Alumnus Rachid Frihi is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Sac State. Frihi was an openly gay member of his brotherhood and understands why the brothers of Delta Lambda Phi would have wanted to create a fraternity specifically for gay, bisexual and progressive men.

“Whether we like it or not, there is still homophobia out there; especially with gay marriage being such a hot topic,” Frihi said. “I got lucky with a chapter that accepted me at the beginning, but there are some chapters who may have people that aren’t so open-minded. When you join a fraternity you want to be treated as equal, and if some of the members aren’t on board with who you really are, it makes it difficult to grow as an individual.”

The Sacramento State Colony’s members are working hard on their path to becoming full members of the Fraternity as a new Chapter, and are anticipating this milestone for this Autumn.

Within the past month, the Colony was welcomed into the university’s United Sorority and Fraternity Council.