Staff Member of the Quarter (2013-2): Br. Aram Dermenjian!

May 11, 2013

Congratulations and many thanks to Brother Aram Dermenjian for his hard work as Director of Applied Technologies for the Delta Lambda Phi® Fraternity Office of Information Services. He has been recognized as Fraternity Office Staff Member of the Quarter for the first quarter (second by fiscal year) of 2013.

Brother Dermenjian is an alumnus of the Xi Chapter of UC Davis in California and is still actively contributing to the Fraternity through his many hours of work for the Office of Information Services, leveraging his depth of knowledge in software engineering. He has been instrumental in developing new internal platforms for the Fraternity.

The Fraternity’s Chief Information Officer and member of the Alpha Chapter, Br. Josh Powell, nominated Br. Dermenjian for this award.

Aram’s dedication to the work of the fraternity is exemplary, serving as Director of Applied Technologies, OIS, and as the project manager for the MyDLP 3.0 development effort. His skills in this effort, both in managing the project team and in direct development work, would be irreplaceable and have been central to the progress towards deployment of MyDLP 3.0. During the second quarter (December 2012-February 2013), Aram has posted over 200 staff hours of work across his responsibilities, including 150 hours in December 2012 alone. I believe this dedication goes well above and beyond the expectations of the Fraternity Office and deserves high praise and recognition.
However, it is not only Aram’s dedication to the work that deserves praise. He has a constant and consistent enthusiasm and genuine excitement for finding ways to make Delta Lambda Phi work better, whether through technology itself or through outreach to the Brotherhood to improve their understanding of the fraternity’s technology capabilities. This can be demonstrated through his ongoing international road trip across the U.S. and Canada, where he is working to visit every current chapter and colony in order to meet them and, when possible, provide in-person training on OIS resources, something we have not been able to readily do because of budget constraints. The planning and outreach he is conducting in order to coordinate these visits is nothing short of extraordinary, and his work in this regard is a shining reflection of his capabilities, enthusiasm, and determination in service to the Fraternity.
Members of Delta Lambda Phi® can read more about Br. Aram Dermenjian and the Staff Member of the Quarter Award on Confluence.