David L. West Scholarship Funds 15 Recipients!

July 9, 2013

Congratulations to the fifteen recipients of the David L. West Scholarship, which provides financial support to members of Delta Lambda Phi® who would otherwise be unable to attend the annual convention and regional conferences, and a heartfelt thanks to the many donors who made this possible.

Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, alumni associations, and the new Brother Giving Circles initiative, this year all fifteen applicants to the scholarship were able to be funded.

In celebration of the happy news, the Office of Alumni Relations released this message:

The Office of Alumni Relations would like to formally salute and thank all of the donors to the David L West Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the valiant efforts of a number of Brothers from across the world, we were able to fund all of the fifteen applicants to the scholarship.

The Fraternity Convention established the Davld L. West Scholarship fund to assist brothers in attending convention and regional conferences of Delta Lambda Phi. Scholarships are funded by donations from actives, alumni, and other individuals who understand the important leadership skills and personal development provided by these Delta Lambda Phi events. Funds are disbursed via the Delta Lambda Phi Alumni Association.

Each year the Office makes requests of Brothers to donate to the fund, to assist worthy members of the organization in going to Convention. This years’ outpouring was among the largest, featuring individual donors, Local Alumni Associations donating as a group, and the creation of Brother Giving Circles, collections of Brothers who direct and specify funds to various parts of the Fraternity.

Thanks to all of those who participated in the giving, on behalf of the Fraternity Office, and the very grateful scholarship recipients!