Iota Alumni Group Funds Sac State Colonists

July 10, 2013

Many thanks to the hard work and generosity of the members of the Iota Alumni Group across Northern California, for supporting the colonists at Sacramento State in their time of need. They are truly making their presence make a difference.

The Iota Alumni Group is taking action to fundraise and support the colonists at Sacramento State, to assist them with funds for transportation, lodging, and registration for the Fraternity’s Convention 2013 event, which begins in less than ten days!

The alumni who are dispersed through Northern California, known collectively as the Iota Alumni Group, know what it means to give back. When it became clear that the colonists of Sacramento State were overwhelmed with academics and might be unable to go to Convention, the alumni organized and went into action. Through their efforts, they are in the process of raising money for transportation, lodging, and registration for the colonists, all to provide these young men with their first Convention experience.

Brothers selflessly reaching out and helping, proving that we are better with our brothers. A salute to the Iota alumni, as they exemplify what being a Lambda Man is truly all about!