Centaur All-Star of the Year: Br. Oscar Beltran!

August 23, 2013

A big congratulations to Brother Oscar Beltran of the Beta Tau Chapter for winning the coveted “Centaur All-Star of the Year” award for 2012-2013 (academic year)!

Br. Beltran was previously nominated as the Centaur All-Star for May 2013. After reviewing all of the other award recipients for the past several months, it was clear to the Fraternity Office and the Board of Directors that Br. Beltran stood out amongst the crowd for his incredible commitment and contribution to Delta Lambda Phi.

Br. Oscar Beltran, who is currently Vice President of the Beta Tau Chapter was nominated by 3 Brothers from his active chapter: Br. Ryan Otero, Br. Ivan Flores, and Br. Jorge Romero. They shared the following:

Ryan Otero:

While most students can probably arrive to the University of Texas at El Paso campus within thirty minutes from most anywhere in El Paso; Mr. Beltran, as a resident of Cd. Juarez, must be awake by four o’clock in the morning in order to make it to class on time due to extreme delays at the U.S.-Mexico border.. As most chapter brothers are enjoying the last few minutes of slumber, Oscar has been waiting in line to cross the bridge into El Paso for hours. With this type of schedule, one would expect that Oscar would have no interest in extra-curricular activities; however, Oscar is a very active member in the Beta Tau chapter of Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity for Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive Men – and the current Vice President. Oscar is not only present at nearly every chapter event, but he brings along with him a positive attitude and brotherly love.

Furthermore, Oscar is the sole income provider and caretaker for his mother and son in Cd. Juarez and pays for his own tuition – all on the salary of a graduate assistant. Mr. Beltran is working on his Doctorate in Public Health and should receive all the recognition possible in what is often an under-appreciated field. With all the time spent commuting back and forth to Juarez, taking care of his family, succeeding in all of his classes, conducting research (on and off campus), and his extra-curricular activities; one could imagine an individual who may often complain or seem to be overwhelmed with stress. This could not be further from the truth. Oscar is one of the calmest, caring, sensitive, and loving persons I have met. He demonstrates selflessness on a constant basis and I have not once heard him complain about his situation. I believe his demeanor will prove very helpful in his chosen profession of Public Health.

While I know so many LGBTQI students and allies at UTEP, I cannot think of one who is more deserving to be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions. Oscar is a role model, inspiration, and success story who deserves to be recognized (though I doubt he would ever recognize himself).

Oscar has beaten all the odds by relying on his integrity, work ethic, drive, and intelligence. Now, as he moves towards earning his doctorate, he will be giving back to the community with his work in HIV/AIDS, transgender heath needs, tuberculosis, and diabetes education, advocacy, and prevention. To these means, not only is Oscar doing important work in the Public Health field, he is also helping to craft a strong and positive image of a highly-educated gay man. I believe this to be an extremely important contribution to the LGBTQI community who has, for too long, had a lack of strong and well-educated role models.

Thank you for considering Oscar Beltran for the Delta Lambda Phi Centaur All-Star award . I nominate him for this award as the perfect candidate – someone who is deserving and someone who is providing a positive and lasting impact on the LGBQTI community of the borderlands. With complete sincerity: I am in awe of Mr. Beltran.

During his Master’s and PhD career in the College of Health Science, Oscar could have chosen most any research topic. However, he has concentrated on local problems here in the Borderlands (note: some of his research is the first of its kind). More important to this conversation, Oscar has chosen to focus his local research within the LGBTQI population on the U.S.-Mexico border (a severely underrepresented area of research).

Some words on Brother Beltran’s important contributions to LGBTQI health disparities on the U.S.-Mexico border:

He has been collaborating and applying his interdisciplinary skills in other research studies with his other committee members in areas of Hispanic farmworker’s health and quality of life and Hispanic transgender women’s healthcare needs assessment. These collaborations have led Oscar to present his research projects at prestigious national and international conferences as well as producing different research manuscripts that have been published in important, well-renowned, peer-review journals in the nursing and public health sciences fields.

This month, the National Institutes of Health’s Center for AIDS research Program (CFAR) approved one of Oscar’s research proposal focused in analyzing the provider’s behavior to diagnose and treat depression among Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites across different clinic sites in the U.S. affiliated with CFAR.

This month, Oscar starts work on a prestigious national pre-doctoral training mentorship in LGBT health research by the Fenway Institute located in Boston, MA. Oscar was assigned three top researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital as mentors in the field.

Again, these are SO very important not only due to their contributions to the field, but also to give voice and raise awareness to health disparities in our community; and, to validate LGBTQI persons in higher education.

Ivan Flores:

Oscar Beltran is one of the hardest working people I know both within our fraternity and outside of it as well. For the past two years he was our chapter’s Treasurer and kept great tabs of the finances within the chapter. As a brother he is one of my favorite and he gets along with everyone that he meets both within our chapter and others as well. He transitioned to become our Vice President and is now making sure that he works with all the executive board offices to ensure they work well together and doing their tasks. He has been making sure that our fundraisers such as Sun City Pride Street Festival (the most recent and last we had) ran smoothly.

Within our Chapter Oscar Beltran as I said before has been capable of making sure that we work well with one another. Personally for me he has been one of the few people who I know I could lean on for support other then my Big. He has been there for me at times I needed it most and helped me get through some rough patches. He is one of the reasons why I stayed with my chapter and makes me want to be a better person. To each of us at Beta Tau Oscar means so much more then just a brother since he is a friend, a confidant, a role model, and someone who makes us all smile. When he graduates this coming December we will all surely miss him since he has changed our lives and helps us to remember to think about others and not just ourselves. He has become a part of our chapter and is the heart of it so I believe he deserves the Centaur All-Star award.

Outside of the chapter Oscar Beltran is working to get his Doctoral from the College of Health Science. He has several research projects which focuses on different aspects of HIV of the gay population among the border community and has even done presentations about individuals who are transsexual. From UTEP he has received the Rainbow Miner Initiative Scholarship which was given for his involvement in the LGBT community at UTEP and within El Paso.

Jorge Romero:

Brother Oscar Beltran has been an enthusiastic active brother since 2010, a year after the chapter at the University of Texas at El Paso was chartered.  He has keep that same positive attitude until today and continues to make contributions to the Beta Tau chapter.  Recently, before becoming Vice President, he helped on the biggest fundraiser of the chapter at the pride event bringing the most profit of all other events.  He provides ideas to promote the growth of the chapter through actions that are visible to everyone around him.

Brother Oscar has made his presence known multiple times by his accomplishments done inside and outside of the fraternity.  With his research, Oscar has accomplished awareness and has made himself known in the LGBT communities across the country.

Brother Oscar has been working hard on every community service opportunity he encounters.  His research and doctoral research enables him to work with the community and serve as a counselor and advisor of diseases within the LGBT community.  He has done presentations of his work locally and in other parts of the U.S. in order to promote his research and awareness between the communities.  As a personal experience, Br. Oscar has provided his help to me without any hesitation when I have found myself in a struggle.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks for making your presence make a difference in DLP and everything you do 🙂