Please Help Our Brother Get Through Lymphoma

September 16, 2013

I’ve been involved with Delta Lambda Phi in many capacities over the past few years and no matter which hat I’m wearing, I hear a common thread in our discussions: “Delta Lambda Phi is more than just a student group.” What really makes us a Fraternity is the fact that we’re a family. This is one of those times where a member of the family is asking for our help.

This past summer, Gamma Chapter Alumnus Airon Tee started feeling under the weather. He brushed it off at first, but after much nudging from his friends and family, Airon checked into the hospital to be put through the gamut of medical tests. After much waiting, they finally came back with an answer. Lymphoma.

Airon has always been a driving force behind his Chapter. Whether as President or as a dedicated Alumnus, he is always willing to show up and help out when needed. His energy and humor is infectious, and even in a time like this Airon keeps cracking jokes.

Airon’s diagnosis is having a major impact on his life, including his financial well-being. Out of pocket expenses are starting to take their toll, which is why we’re now reaching out to the Brotherhood for additional help.

There’s currently a donation drive on to Help Airon Get Through Lymphoma. Any donation, no matter how small, would do wonders to help Airon in his continued battle to conquer this diagnosis.

Not sure how you can help? Here are some ideas:

–        Put off your next 5 iTunes purchases and donate $5 to the donation drive.

–        Give up your Starbucks coffee for 5 days and donate $15 to the donation drive.

–        Is your Chapter, Colony or LAA planning a fundraiser soon? Add Airon to your list of beneficiaries and donate just 10% of your profits to Airon’s cause.

We’re also asking you to share your support on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ImWithAiron. Share your words of encouragement or tell others why you are donating to help Airon get through his battle with Lymphoma.

Any donation amount can help Airon out in a very real way. As Lambda Men, we strive to make our presence make a difference. Let’s join together as a family and make our collective presence make the difference in the life of one of our Brothers.

Jordan Decker
Director of Social Media & Content
Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity