Donate to Push/Save Our Past Trustee!

October 1, 2013

On December 13, 2013, Ernie Hall, former Trustee of Delta Lambda Phi and current Delphi Foundation board member, has a skydiving event planned. The only problem: Ernie has a fear of heights! But, Ernie, being the giving person he is, has decided to make a fundraising event out it, with all proceeds going to support the Delphi Foundation. The fun twist on this fundraiser – you get to choose whether you want to Push Ernie or Save Ernie!

Donors will be entered into a drawing for a round-trip ticket and weekend accommodations in Las Vegas to view the jump. For each $10 donation, one entry will go into the drawing.

Donations must be received by November 1, 2013 in order to qualify for the drawing! And all donations are tax deductible.

And now, a few words from Ernie:

I was standing at the edge of the chasm with at least a mile between where I stood and where I needed to be.  Once I got to the other side, I would be free.

“You can do it!” Jon Borland shouted.  “JUMP!”

“Shut up, Jon. You’re on the ground!”  I mumbled under my breath.

He shouted again, “Jump, just do it!”

I looked at the platform on the other side, down at Jon, and took a deep breath …  Seconds later my face hit the tree, my legs scraped down the platform, and my gut hit the landing, knocking the breath out of me.

A flurry of expletives ran through my head.  I checked my nose, not broken. Then I pulled myself up and onto the platform.  There was a bruise growing on my shin and my face HURT!

But, I was on the other side.  I had made it.  Looking back to where I came from, it seemed much closer now – it did indeed look like the three foot jump we had all practiced on the ground.

I can honestly say that moment was definitive for me.  I haven’t gotten over my fear of heights, but it is a touchstone that reminds me that no matter what I’m facing, I have strength.  I always remember to move through the fear and not be paralyzed by it.

Most of you know that the past year has been a life-changing year for me, and throughout I’ve been strengthened by my Brothers and the experience of the dreaded “flee jump.”  I also am witness to the tremendous positive impact that a short weekend has had on our Delta Force graduates.

So when I turned 45 I thought, “Maybe I should jump out of a plane.” And then I thought, “Are you crazy?!”

And one night when I was waffling on the idea, I giggled when I thought about all the Brothers who, over the years, had probably wanted to push me out of a plane (if they could.)  I thought, “Why not let them?” to benefit the Fraternity that has given me so much.

So here’s your chance to “Push Ernie” for DLP!  Because I am not sure I want to, I’m going to let you decide between “Push Ernie” or “Save Ernie.” Your choice. Either way, I’m pretty sure the only thing that would get me out of a perfectly good airplane in mid- air, is to give something back.

My fate is in your hands.

By the way, Jon didn’t do the flee jump.  He clipped onto the safety line, sat down on the platform and slid across the wire.  That crafty bitch!