March 2014 Centaur All-Star: Brother Wes Paláu!

April 7, 2014

Please join us in congratulating Brother Wes Paláu of the Alpha Delta Chapter for receiving the Centaur All-Star Award for March 2014! Wes currently serves as the President of Sergeant-At-Arms of his Chapter.

Br. Paláu was nominated by Erik Esqueda, a fellow Alpha Delta Brother, who had the following words to share:

Having pledged with Br. Paláu in the Fall of 2012 I have seen his transformation throughout the years. He has lived through a variety of hardships that most will never experience personally. His courage and tenacity to go beyond the norm and break barriers is truthfully one of the most honoring experiences of my life. He has the drive, the will, and the power to change so much by simply being himself and he uses these to better the world around us. As a transgender brother, Wes has given our chapter and school the much needed understanding of what it means to be trans* in a cisgendered world, and I cannot thank him enough for all the activism and participation he does to bring awareness and empowerment to all the lives he touches.

Wes, aside from being a truly amazing individual that gives back to the community as well as spreading trans* awareness on the side, has made it his personal mission to make the Delta Lambda Phi’s name known throughout both the UCSD and SDSU campuses. His dream of one day owning a frat house on Fraternity Row burns brighter than the Lamp of Truth, and he will not stop until our name is known throughout campus. He actively tables for our chapter and takes any chance he gets to advertise and recruit potential new members with his various panel and community participations. He is and forever will be the epitome of what it means to be a Lambda Man. 

Outside of the fraternity, Wes has dedicated the time to assisting the newly established Pride Center at SDSU that houses all of the LGBT resources on campus. He runs the Transgender Programs & Services for the Pride Center and spearheaded SDSU’s first ever Trans Week of Empowerment. He participates on various panels for different organizations such as Queer Student Union, Safe Zones, and LGBT Studies to share his story and spread knowledge of the trans* community and lead the way in determining the rights and privileges of individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Members of Delta Lambda Phi may read more about Wes on Confluence.

Br. Paláu and other 2013-2014 Centaur All-Star Award recipients will receive several wonderful benefits for their contribution of leading and promoting positive change in their respective communities. Recipients will have their registration fee waived at Convention 2014 in Tampa. All-Stars will also be specifically recognized amongst their fellow Brothers at the Convention banquet and will qualify for the 2014 Centaur All-Star of the Year Award presented at Convention 2014!