DLP to Re-Colonize at Syracuse University

April 16, 2014

The Interest Group at Syracuse University was recently featured in The Daily Orange – Syracuse University’s school newspaper.

The article interviews Brother Paul Mercurio, an alum from the Alpha Chi Chapter at Boston University, and details how he was able to get in touch with Aaron Goldsmith and others to drum up support for bringing DLP back to life at the University.

The Interest Group has been actively recruiting people to join:

“We’re not looking for people who are just looking to party,” Goldsmith said. “We’re looking for people who are invested in the organization, who will actually be a part of it.”

The Beta Iota Chapter, formed at SU back in 2004, closed six years later in 2010. The Interest Group recently petitioned the Delta Lambda Phi Board of Directors to become a colony. In their petition:

We, as an Interest Group at Syracuse University, would like to bring back to the campus what it once had. The Beta Iota Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi provided a resource that this campus needs back. While the LGBTQA community of Syracuse University has resources easily available to us, it is missing a more social student-run organization that can bring to the community fellowship, community service, awareness, and more. This community is greatly unrepresented in Greek Life and as often looked upon as being unwelcoming or exclusive. We would like to help remove this stigma by bringing a more inclusive Greek organization for those gay, bisexual, and progressive men who cannot connect or feel comfortable with being part of the current Greek community. Through Delta Lambda Phi we can make the LGBTQA community for cohesive, and make the whole University more progressive as a whole. Many of us of the Interest Group had a hard time finding our place with the community here on campus, and while the Resource Center is great, it is only a resource. We need an organization like DLP that offers Brotherhood, community, philanthropy, and fellowship on campus where we can truly feel like we belong. If re-colonized, we can bridge together the different communities all across campus and bring together the different resources, such as the Resource Center, Pride Union, and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. We want to affiliate ourselves with Delta Lambda Phi, and establish it on campus as part of the Multicultural Greek Council to help others like us, for years to come, to find a place where they can thrive and be who they are with others like them.

The Board of Directors voted to approve the colonization at Syracuse University during their April meeting. Dates have not been announced just yet, but they will officially colonize later this year.

Congrats! We can’t wait to have Delta Lambda Phi make its presence make a difference at Syracuse University once again!