Fall 2014 Conferences Recap

December 15, 2014

Brothers from all over North America gathered this fall to talk about what’s happening in chapters, colonies, and LAAs across the country, experience the bonds of Brotherhood, and discuss important topics in workshops.

We kicked off Conference season in Atlanta, GA with Eastern Conference on the weekend of October 10-12. According to Eastern Regional Director, Andrew Hogan:

“Our Fall Eastern Conference was held in beautiful Atlanta, GA. An intimate gathering of Actives and Alumni, it was a unique opportunity for close conversations and brotherly bonding. We were also thrilled to be joined by several members of the Georgia State Interest Group.”

The next stop on the fall conference tour was Las Vegas, NV for Western Conference on the weekend of October 17-19. According to Br. Michael Webb, Western Regional Director:

“There were nearly 70 brothers in attendance, where everyone had the opportunity to engage in educational programming and leadership development. Workshop topics included building a greater understanding of how to support our brothers through anxiety and depression, having a round-table discussion about sexual assault and harassment, a training on how to better manage chapter finances and budget planning, and the introduction of Delta Lambda Phi’s new alumni engagement initiative “The Lost Boys,” Following a day filled with learning opportunities and meeting new faces, the Lambda Men gathered for our banquet where Brs. Michael Webb and Julian Casillas made several honorable mentions to spotlight the outstanding accomplishments coming out of the Western Region. Most notably, Br. Lou Camera, who our Fall 2014 pledge classes are named after, was honored and presented with a recognition award for his outstanding dedication to this brotherhood over the last 25 years. The night came to a close as attendees ventured out to go enjoy The Strip! As morning arrived, brothers gathered for a farewell brunch at the French Market Buffet at the The Orleans Hotel & Casino where we cherished our last moments and said our temporary goodbyes. All in all, this Western Regional Conference was definitely one for the books, and we are looking forward to Spring 2015 WRC!”

Brothers at Western Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Brothers at Western Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Coming last but not least was Central Conference in Kansas City on the weekend of November 7-9. Central Regional Director Lukus Ebert weighed in:

“Fall CRC was a great success! As usual, we had the most registered people out of all Regions (though the other Conferences had a good turnout too). There were great conversations about values-based pledge education during the work sessions. Game night had quite a few participate. Brothers and colonists were mingling and bonding over common experiences. And of course, there were funny stories shared. I think the greatest takeaways were that it was a great re-charger for everyone and that it doesn’t matter your job title or position in the Fraternity, there is always something new to be learned.”

In total, nearly 175 Brothers and Colonists attended Conferences this fall! We can’t wait to see everyone in the spring!